Understanding ADHD and Executive Functioning Issues in Children

Knowing when to seek help for ADHD and executive functioning issues can be one of the most challenging things for parents if their children are exhibiting symptoms. Disorders like ADHD are common in children, and many treatments can help, but only if a parent is willing to reach out. Let’s take a look at exactly what ADHD is and how parents can get their children the help they need to thrive in the classroom.

What are ADHD and Executive Functioning Issues?

ADHD, which stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a type of executive functioning disorder that can affect how a child learns and operates in society.  Executive functions simply refer to a set of cognitive processes including memory, flexible thinking and self-control.

ADHD is specifically described as a mental health disorder where a person has a more active mind and can make more impulsive decisions, making managing oneself or focusing on tasks challenging. ADHD is traditionally first detected in school-aged children who may struggle to focus in a classroom setting. They may be unable to focus on an assignment or sit still for the duration of a class, which can cause them to act out or have trouble completing tasks.

It’s important to understand that there are many executive functioning disorders that aren’t categorized as ADHD. If you are interested in receiving help with a differential diagnosis, be sure to contact Reflect Neuro at (818) 324-3800.

Finding Help for ADHD and Executive Functioning Issues

Depending on the patient, there is a medication that helps the mind focus can be prescribed for ADHD. However, there are also support groups and cognitive-behavioral therapies to provide the student with methods to combat these impulses.

Just a few generations ago, ADHD was rarely diagnosed. Today, teachers and school specialists are more apt to see signs in children and recommend seeing a professional. Many students who suffer from these challenges can go on to have successful academic careers and grow up to be perfectly functioning adults. The key for parents is to not wait for treatment if a problem appears. Many parents decide to delay intervention or deny the problem, believing their child is going through a phase. The best thing to do is seek treatment and fully diagnose the problem as soon as possible.

Reflect Neuropsychology Can Provide Help

Reflect Neuropsychology is a leading neuropsychology firm in Southern California. We specialize in counseling, therapy and neuropsychological assessment of children, adolescents, and adults, as well as forensic neuropsychology. We can provide evaluations for undue influence and mental capacity along with our other services. As a highly specialized practice, we can focus on evidence-based, personally tailored treatment and evaluation. To learn more about our services and schedule an appointment, visit us online or call us at (818) 324-3800.

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