The Criticality of Neuropsychological Evaluation for Youngsters: An In-Depth Analysis

Introduction Hello folks, welcome! We’re about to embark on a profound journey, exploring an aspect [...]

What Should Parents Do if Back to School Anxiety Doesn’t Subside?

Last spring, many young students were burdened by the return to in-person learning after so [...]

Pediatric Neuropsychological Evaluations

When your child begins to display learning or thinking differences, it’s only natural to want [...]

Adult and Pediatric ADHD Evaluations from Reflect Neuropsychology

ADHD diagnoses have been steadily rising over the last decade. In fact, we’ve witnessed a [...]

What is a Learning Disability?

Many children have difficulty picking up tasks like reading, writing or other learning activities at [...]

Understanding ADHD and Executive Functioning Issues in Children

Knowing when to seek help for ADHD and executive functioning issues can be one of [...]

You May Discover Learning Disabilities During Homeschool

The COVID-19 pandemic has required more K-12 students to learn from home through virtual classes. [...]

If You Think the Middle School Years Are Awkward, You’re Right

Helpful ways of preparing for middle school awkwardness and social shifts By Lisa Tiano, Parenting and teen [...]

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