What are the Signs a Child Could Benefit from a Pediatric Psychological Evaluation?

Pediatric Neuropsychological Assessment Information Sheet

Our team at Reflect Neuropsychology has performed many pediatric psychological evaluations throughout our combined 30+ years of experience. Our end goal is to always help our patients meet their emotional, academic, and social goals. Admittedly, it can be difficult for parents to know whether their children could benefit from support in these areas, and whether a pediatric psychological evaluation is the best route forward for their child’s development. As such, we’d like to outline a few of the unique signs that it could be time to seek out a referral to a Neuropsychologist. 

Changes in Emotional Behavior

Unexpected changes in emotional behavior are one of the common triggers that prompt parents and children alike to seek insight from a professional. Often, children are presented with situations which previously caused no distress, only to revert to a state characterized by tantrums or complete emotional withdrawal. If such characteristics persist for several weeks, or even months, this should be taken as a sign that it’s time to seek a pediatric psychological evaluation to gain deeper insight into the issue.

Changes in Sleeping or Eating Patterns

Sudden, unexplainable sleeping or eating pattern changes are another sign a child could benefit from a pediatric psychological evaluation. Sometimes these changes simply boil down to hormonal changes and they are resolved in due time. However, a persistent increase or decrease in appetite or sleep time could be symptomatic of an underlying psychological condition.

Unexplainable Chronic Physical Aliments

Children can often display mental illness as a physical sign. Chronic headaches, abdominal pain, and fatigue are all potential signals that underlying mental illness could be present. Naturally, the causes of such aliments expand well beyond the scope of mental illness.  That’s why a neuropsychological evaluation involving both psychological assessments and physiological testing is a great first step in pinpointing the root of the issue and establishing the optimal path forward to allow a child to continue flourishing.

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