What Did Last Year Teach Us About Managing Screen Time for Our Kids?

Throughout the technological boom we’ve been in for most of the 21st century, parents have been aware that limiting screen time for their children is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, that introduced several complications last year when the shutdown began, and our screens effectively became our window into the world outside of our homes. So, nearly 15 months later, what has the last year taught us about managing screen time for our kids? 

Check-in on Emotional Wellbeing

During this period of reduced in-person interaction, we’re fortunate that platforms like Zoom exist for our children to interact with each other and build relationships. At the same time, we have to remember that social interactions between children and teens aren’t always uplifting and positive. Trouble spots are even more common when communication solely takes place digitally, and we need to be there for our kids. Be sure to check in with them and see how their relationships are going. If there is any drama, you can always attempt to coach them through the situation. This certainly beats assuming everything is just fine, when in reality, your child could be struggling with a tough spot in a friendship.

Consider Implementing Parental Controls to Limit Screen Time

Parental controls have always had their place, but they’ve become even more critical over the last year. Sometimes, the temptation to minimize school content in favor of the latest video game or other engaging distraction will be too great. There is a time and a place to unwind with a favorite online activity, but that place is certainly not the classroom. While you cannot reasonably look over your child’s shoulder throughout the whole day to ensure they are on task, parental protection controls certainly can.

Device-Free Time

When our lives are dominated by screen time, we miss out on crucial experiences off-screen. That’s why we recommend creating structured device-free time zones. These breaks will give your children ample time to interact with the family and get in at least a half-hour of physical activity before returning to their screen.

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