You May Discover Learning Disabilities During Homeschool

The COVID-19 pandemic has required more K-12 students to learn from home through virtual classes. For these students’ parents, that also means taking a more active role in their day-to-day education, especially younger students who need help navigating the technology required in class. With this added attention, parents may discover that their children have learning disabilities.

What To Do If You Discover Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities have nothing to do with your child’s intelligence or overall ability to learn. Instead, they can be seen as simple challenges that must be addressed to help your student learn in the way best suited for them. While these hurdles usually get discovered while attending school, it is possible they remained hidden in your child or recently emerged. As a parent, you must understand that some methods and techniques can be taught to help your student learn to the best of their ability.

Common Learning Disabilities

Most parents are aware of learning disabilities such as dyslexia, where students struggle to interpret written text, and ADHD, where a student may have difficulty concentrating. Some other common learning disabilities parents should be aware of include:

  • Dyscalculia affects a student’s ability in math. This can mean the inability to put numbers in the right order or difficulties in problem-solving.
  • Dysgraphia is where students struggle to write, including the inability to hold a writing tool or becoming overly tense or anxious when attempting to write.
  • There are also processing deficits where students struggle to interpret sensory data, making it difficult for them to learn or participate in a classroom setting.

How to Receive Help for Your Student

Discovering learning disabilities can be frustrating for both you and your child. The good news is that these hurdles have been studied for years, and there are many treatments and methods to help improve the learning process. At Reflect Neuropsychology, we work with children who must overcome learning disabilities to be successful. We can help diagnose which challenges they’re facing and help prescribe methods to improve their learning. There is no reason your student needs to continue to struggle! Let us help you find a successful path forward.

Reflect Neuropsychology Can Provide Help

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