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Key Takeaways Unveiling the Enigma of ADHD Spotlight on ADHD: Diagnosis and Strategies for Success [...]

The Basics of Neuropsychological Assessment: What You Need to Know

Introduction Neuropsychology bridges the gap between the fields of psychology and neurology, examining the intricate [...]

Why Choose Dr. Friedman?

Introduction In the vast and intricate field of neuropsychology, selecting the right specialist is crucial [...]

Understanding Neuropsychological Assessment: What to Expect

A beginner’s guide to what neuropsychological assessments entail and how they can help. Introduction Have [...]

Case Studies: How Neuropsychological Evidence Influences Court Decisions

Introduction: The Intersection of Neuropsychology and Law Defining Neuropsychology: Neuropsychology, a branch of psychology, delves [...]

Embracing New Beginnings: Life After Brain Injury

The Journey to Recovery: Understanding Brain Injury Aftermath Life after a brain injury is a [...]

Navigating Traumatic Brain Injury: A Neuropsychological Perspective for Legal Professionals

Outline Introduction to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Understanding TBI TBI, or Traumatic Brain Injury, is [...]

Unraveling the Complexity: Decisional Capacity Evaluations in Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas

Introduction Navigating the intricate web of decision-making capacity evaluations can be a daunting task, especially [...]

How Childhood Trauma Impacts Brain Development and Functioning

Childhood is a crucial phase in one’s life, marked by rapid physical and emotional growth. [...]

The Role of Neuropsychological Testing in Pediatric Forensic Cases

Headings/Subheadings The Role of Neuropsychological Testing in Pediatric Forensic Cases Introduction: Neuropsychological Testing and Forensic [...]

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