All About Pediatric Assessments

Children and adolescents do not always have an easy time succeeding socially, in the classroom and outside of the classroom. As a parent, you want to watch your child grow and excel, so seeing them struggle can be heartbreaking. When you are sifting through different options to find the proper diagnosis for your child and identify the factors that are contributing to their academic, social, emotional or behavioral struggles, what can you do?

Pediatric Assessments Help in a Broad Range of Situations

Whether you are concerned that your child has epilepsy, autism, ADHD, dyslexia or another neurological, medical or developmental disorder, you deserve the right professional to evaluate the situation and recommend next steps. Testing can aid in receiving an accurate diagnosis and give you increased insight into your child’s abilities in a wide range of areas, including memory, planning, attention, organization and behavior. 

A pediatric assessment from a professional can also supplement the knowledge that your child’s teacher, therapist and doctors all have access to in order to find the best possible treatment solution for them. Pediatric assessments do not only look for weaknesses that your child might have, but also their strengths. When you understand where your child is stronger and weaker, you can better customize any accommodation and treatment plans to them. 

Pediatric Assessments from Reflect Neuropsychology

At Reflect Neuropsychology, our doctors specialize in neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessments of both kids and teens. Our assessments and evaluations are a fantastic way to gain clarity surrounding what issues your child is having, and how their diagnoses could be leading to cognitive or behavioral changes and challenges at home and at school. Some of the most common diagnoses that we assess include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), generalized anxiety disorder, autism spectrum disorders, depression and bipolar disorders. The information that you receive through your professional pediatric assessment can be utilized to develop an effective treatment plan in conjunction with other medical and educational professionals in your child’s life. 

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Reflect Neuropsychology is a leading neuropsychology firm in Southern California. We specialize in counseling, therapy and neuropsychological assessment of children, adolescents and adults. As a highly-specialized practice, we can focus on evidence-based, personally-tailored treatment and evaluation. To learn more about our services and schedule an appointment, visit us online or call us at (818) 324-3800.

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