Adult & Geriatric Assessment

Adult and Geriatric neuropsychology

Adult and Geriatric neuropsychological evaluations identify a patient’s capacity for independent living, driving, and returning to school or work. 

Dr. Friedman has particular expertise in the area of memory loss and Adult ADHD but also accepts clients dealing with academic, behavioral, and/or occupational issues secondary to traumatic brain injury, stroke, and other neurological-based disorders. 

Adult and Geriatric neuropsychology- Reflect Neuro

We provide comprehensive memory and cognitive assessment and treatment recommendations for known or suspected neurologic or neuropsychiatric disorders, such as memory disorders, dementia, traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain tumors, and neurocognitive and behavioral impairments resulting from physical illness.  We also help differentiate between memory disorders and other issues that can mimic dementia, like medication effects or emotional factors.

We provide an individualized and comprehensive report which presents the content of the assessment and individualized recommendations that will be beneficial for the patient and their physician. Adult and Geriatric neuropsychology

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Adult and Geriatric neuropsychology