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ADHD diagnoses have been steadily rising over the last decade. In fact, we’ve witnessed a 42% increase in diagnoses in the previous eight years alone. Many people assume that the disorder primarily impacts children, but you may be surprised to learn that around 9 million American adults are also affected by ADHD.  Although ADHD is a very frequent diagnosis, it should not be taken lightly. An effective ADHD evaluation is comprised of multiple conventional diagnostic processes and nuanced considerations. Alternative “tools” are unproven and not worth your time or money. The key is to be able to tell the difference.

When is it Time for an ADHD Evaluation?

Naturally, there is no simple test that can offer us a definitive ADHD diagnosis. That’s why it’s crucial to receive a diagnostic evaluation from an expert, such as a neuropsychologist. But how can you come to the decision that an assessment is the right course of action for you? For most individuals, sustained patterns of inattentiveness and hyperactivity signify that it is time for a professional evaluation. Over time, these symptoms can impact both our job performance and our effectiveness in the classroom.

Choosing an Expert Practitioner

Since there is no single way to provide a comprehensive ADHD diagnosis, the best practitioners implement several methods and gather information from several sources. ADHD symptom checklists, standardized behavior rating scales, a complete history of previous and current functioning, and information collected from loved ones who are familiar with the patient are all sources that should be considered.

When you choose Reflect Neuropsychology for your ADHD evaluation, you can be sure that no stone will be left unturned throughout the diagnosis process. Our team of licensed neuropsychologists has extensive experience working with individuals of all ages and phases of life to provide accurate diagnoses. After your assessment, it may become apparent that you are affected by ADHD, or perhaps another learning disability is the reason for your reported symptoms. In any case, our efforts from that point will be directed toward helping shape a plan forward for you or your child.

Schedule Your ADHD Evaluation with Reflect Neuropsychology

Reflect Neuropsychology is a leading neuropsychology firm in Southern California, specializing in counseling, therapy and neuropsychological assessment of children, adolescents and adults. We can also address your medicolegal needs and provide expert witness testimony, legal examination of medical records, and independent medical examinations for capacity assessments and more. As a highly specialized practice, we can focus on evidence-based, personally tailored treatment and evaluation. To learn more about our services and schedule an appointment, visit us online or call us at (818) 324-3800.

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