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Reflect Neuropsychology is a specialized assessment practice which provides evidence-based academic, cognitive, and emotional testing for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults with a wide variety of diagnoses, ranging from neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD, to brain injury and dementia. 

ReflectNeuro was established by Dr. Judith Friedman to address the growing need for comprehensive/ lifespan neuropsychology services in the San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, and Ventura County. Dr. Friedman’s specialized practice focuses on the assessment and treatment of children and adults with neurocognitive difficulties that impact academic or occupational performance, as well as emotional, behavioral, and social functioning. We use a scientific approach to provide each patient with an individualized assessment based on empirically-validated research of brain-based conditions.

Why Choose Dr. Friedman?

Dr. Friedman is a Licensed Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychologist based in Calabasas and serving the greater Los Angeles area and Ventura County. She is a specialist in the cognitive and academic assessment of children, adults and older adults. She received her Master’s in Education from Harvard University, her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, and completed her neuropsychology clinical externships at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the UCLA Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at the UCLA
David Geffen School of Medicine. She continued at the UCLA Medical Psychology Assessment Center, David Geffen School of Medicine for her APA-approved Clinical Internship in Neuropsychology and Major Mental Illness, as well as her Post-doctoral Fellowship at the UCLA ADHD Genetic Study.
Dr. Friedman also currently serves as a Voluntary Clinical Professor at the UCLA Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences and UCLA Medical Psychology Assessment Center supervising pre-doctoral interns and post-doctoral fellows in the psychological and neurocognitive assessment of a wide variety of medically-complex patients with diagnoses such as ADHD, traumatic brain injury (TBI), autism spectrum disorder, disorders of learning (i.e., dyslexia), epilepsy, brain tumors, dementia, etc.
Dr. Friedman is an author on several publications, teaches professional continuing education classes for other Psychologists, and has served as an Expert Witness in court in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties for elder abuse, brain injury, and decisional capacity legal cases.
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Dr. Judith Friedman has vast knowledge and is highly skilled in her respective field. She is kind, patient and extremely professional. I enthusiastically recommend her to my clients, friends and family.
Linda Archie
Linda Archie
Dr. Friedman is very caring and skilled clinician. Her ability to identify and explain complicated cognitive abilities is outstanding. She is a compassionate and dedicated professional.
Edi Cooke
Edi Cooke
I have had several clients who were patients at Reflect; all of them had positive things to say about Dr. Friedman and her wonderful staff.
Dwight Brown
Dwight Brown
Judith has a lot of warmth and she very personable. I feel this would put her clients at ease and make them comfortable.
Tami Podell
Tami Podell
I met with Dr. Friedman who explained a lot of information on concussions. Many interesting points I never knew about and it helped me to understand why my symptoms took a long time to heal.
Garey Simmons
Garey Simmons

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